Involving Girl Scouts in Your Events


The "AVA Participation Patch for Girl Scout Walks" is designed each year in a contest run by a specific AVA club and its partnering Girl Scout council. The AVA Youth Committee awards the contest to clubs that have established plans for long term volkssport programs with their partner Girl Scout council.


The council runs the contest and submits designs from individual Girl Scouts or troop/groups to the club who forwards their top 3 or 4 designs to the AVA Youth Committee. The Girl Scout or troop/group with the winning design is presented with a certificate with the patch made of their design.



2017 - 2018

designed by Arerli Gonzales of Troop #30536, California’s Central Coast Council.

2016 - 2017

designed by a GS from the Girl Scouts Southwest Missouri and Southeast Kansas.

2015 - 2016

designed by a GS in Troop #363, GS of River City Ramblers

2012-2013 GS Patch

2014 - 2015

designed by a GS of Ohio's Heartland.

2013 - 2014

designed by a GS in Troop #813, GS of Southern Illinois Council

2012 - 2013

designed by a GS in Troop #42383, GS of Oregon and SW Washington

2011-2012 Walk-Together Patch
2010-2011 Walk-Together Patch
2009-2010 Walk-Together Patch

2011 - 2012

designed by a GS in Troop #20031, GS Heart of Pennsylvania Council

2010 - 2011

designed by a GS in Arizona


2009 - 2010

designed by a GS in Oregon

2008-2009 Walk-Together Patch
2007-2008 Walk-Together Patch
2006-2007 Walk-Together Patch

2008 - 2009

designed by a GS in Virginia  

2007 - 2008

designed by a GS in Iowa

2006 - 2007

designed by a GS in Alaska

2005-2006 Walk-Together Patch
2004-2005 Walk-Together Patch
2003-2004 Walk-Together Patch

2005 - 2006

designed by a GS in North Carolina

2004 - 2005

designed by a GS in Minnesota

2003 - 2004

designed by a GS in Massachusetts

2002-2003 Walk-Together Patch
2001-2002 Walk-Together Patch
2000-2001 Walk-Together Patch

2002 - 2003

designed by a GS in Washington DC

2001 - 2002

designed by a GS in Washington state

2000 - 2001

designed by a GS in Pennsylvania

Y2K Patch

1999 - 2000

AVA-GSUSA Participation Patch for GS Volkssports. It was designed for AVA clubs to use for their members who participate in GS Walk-Togethers. Many GS Councils use the patch as their award also.



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