AVA Future Special Programs Starting January 1, 2017


Notice to all participants: Most programs allow the participants up to (12) twelve months starting from the official end date to complete any Special Program. Completed books are to be returned to the point of contact or club hosting the program to receive recognition and award.books are to be returned to the point of contact or club hosting the program to receive recognition and award.

Our appreciation goes to all Committee Members of the Special Programs for the hard work in implementing and maintaining the programs as well as the financial contributions made to AVA as a result of each of the Special Programs.

Ice CreamIce Cream Parlors
Begins January 1, 2017. The end date is December 31, 2019 to purchase books and December 31, 2020 to turn them in. Ice cream parlors have been essential in America's social and cultural history. Participants will enjoy a sense of nostalgia as they reacall being teenagers and meeting friends after school at the local ice cream parlor, sitting in their favorite booth or at the counter to have ice cream, frappes, floats, or sodas. Adults will remember their parents or grandparents taking them for ice cream and can now take their own children or grandchildren. All participants are encouraged to reminisce or make new memories as they go by their local ice cream parlor or as they venture to new locations. Qualifiers are 20 different AVA sanctioned events that pass an ice cream parlor. Chains such as Dairy Queen, Friendly's or Shaklee's qualify, but can only be used once. A colorful, 3" x 4" fully embroidered patch of a 3-scoop decadent banana split sundae on a shiny meatal table under a typical ice cream parlor awning. The cost of the book will be $10. Books can be purchased from Mary Frink, Walk 'n Mass Volkssport Club, 38 Carter St #205, Everett, MA 02149. For more informaiton contact 617-387-1577 or mfwalks2010@verizon.net.

Underground RailroadUnderground Railroad
The Underground Railroad AVA SP starts January 1, 2017 and book sales continue until December, 31, 2019. Participation and redemption of this book will end December 31, 2020. The Underground Railroad was an important part of American history. This program will help all to recognize the bravery of those who rode it to freedom. Prior to 1860, America captured and enslaved about four million Black people from Africa. America was built on this enslaved labor, performing the difficult labor of the plantations across the South and slave-traders saw an opportunity to make a great deal of money buying and selling slaves. From the beginning, slaves tried to escape from the owners but attempting to escape or helping someone to escape was dangerous and could end in severe punishment or death. The Underground Railroad is the name for the secret route fugitves took to escape to freedom. It was not a real railroad, but rather a series of safe hiding places called "stations', those who helped the fugitives travel to one station were called "railroad workers" and those who helped the fugitives get food and places to sleep were known as "sataion masters". Qualifiers are 15 different events where a museum, historical site or historical marker has been viewed. The 3.5" x 4" patch depicts a picture of an authentic auction block that was used during the slavery days. According to US History the Underground Railroad spanned 29 states. The cost of the book is $10. Book can be purchased from Frances Taylor, Derby City Walkers, 4943 Winding Spring Circle, Louisville, KY 40245. For more information contact 502-494-3594 or frant98@bellsouth.net.

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