AVA Future Special Programs Starting January 1, 2018


Notice to all participants: Most programs allow the participants up to (12) twelve months starting from the official end date to complete any Special Program. Completed books are to be returned to the point of contact or club hosting the program to receive recognition and award.books are to be returned to the point of contact or club hosting the program to receive recognition and award.

Our appreciation goes to all Committee Members of the Special Programs for the hard work in implementing and maintaining the programs as well as the financial contributions made to AVA as a result of each of the Special Programs.

Olympian Walk Like an Olympian
Program runs January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2020. Redeem completed books by December 31, 2021. Walkers can achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold levels. Ten walks in cities where the Olympics have been held or in American cities with the same names as Olympic hosts will earn walkers the Bronze level, 15 for the Silver and 20 events for the Gold. The patch has places for all three “medals” so go for the gold! There have been 44 host cities around the world since the beginning of the modern Olympic Games in 1896 through the completion of this program in 2021. Examples: Athens, Innsbruck, Lake Placed, Los Angeles, Paris and St Moritz. There are plenty of opportunities in America such as Atlanta, GA, Lake Placid, NY, Los Angeles, CA, St Louis, MO and Salt Lake City, UT. Walks are also listed in AL & GA (Athens), ID (Moscow), and Vancouver, WA. Qualifiers for all levels must be on sanctioned events. An event may be used two times per year. Book cost is $10. The patch is 3” x 4”. Checks are payable to South Bay Striders. POC is Suzi Glass, 5562 Vassar Dr, San Jose, CA 95118. (408) 592-3935 or email glass2walk@gmail.com

Appalachian Trail The Appalachian Trail
Program starts January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2028. Redeem books by December 31, 2029. The Appalachian National Scenic Trail is the famous hiking trail in the eastern United States from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. The trail is roughly 3,500 km long and goes through 14 States. Walkers are required to hike/walk a section of the trail in each state. A qualifying AVA walk is one that goes on the AT or a blue-blazed trail for at least 4 km. An AVA walk will count for only one state; the sponsoring club will determine which one. Complete the 14 required events; Traditional, Seasonal, or YRE as indicated in the booklet. You must pay for each event. Each AVA stamp can only appear once in the book. Use of the On Line Start Box is approved. Due to the unique nature of this program, participants have space in the program book to add a picture, notes, and other local stamps such as the Park or AT Passport stamp. Book cost is $10. The patch is 4” x 6”. Checks are payable to AVA National Headquarters, send to POC Susan Medlin, 12527 Fern Creek, San Antonio, Texas, 78253. Make checks payable to AVA. Please note on the check it is for “The Appalachian Trail SP”. Submit completed books to the same address. The POC can be contacted at (210) 325-3523 or email sueammed@aol.com

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