America’s Walking Club

Virtual Online Programs


What IS a Virtual Walking Program?

Virtual Walking Programs/Virtual Online Programs use Computer-Generated Maps to create Routes… in many far and exciting places, allowing you to convert your Steps to move along a Route. The Routes may take you far away, through Jungles or across Mountains, or even across Oceans… places you couldn’t actually Walk. By signing up for AVA’S VOP 2021: A New Adventure Every Quarter, you will get instructions on setting up your Walking account. You then either sync your pedometer, Apple Watch, Fitbit, SmartPhone, etc., or enter your Steps manually. You can follow your place on the Route, learn interesting facts along the way, and see others that are either ahead of you or behind you on the Route. Registration also includes joining your US Regional Team and help them win the Regional Traveling Trophy Challenge. What Steps count, you ask? Every Step you take, whether a Volkswalk, a walk in the park or your neighborhood, shopping for groceries or at the Mall… even walking in your living room with an exercise program or while rooting for your favorite Team during a ballgame!  All Steps count! Join now to get in on the fun. Information will be sent to you once you join. For additional questions now or after you join, email Jan at .img@.img.